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Refreshed, Renewed, and Ready

These last few days we have had many teachers coming into the school to prepare for the new year ahead. Everyone looks so tanned, healthy, and well rested from summer. The school too seems fresh and ready to go. The floors are all newly polished and we have lots of new enhancements that give the whole place an air of renewal. Outside, we have a new school sign capable of text and video read out (kudos to PAC) which is up and ready to go helping us to send our message to the community around us. Inside the school we have replaced many of the old bulky TV’s in the hallways with new high def flat monitors, together with new software that enables us to share information in an engaging and accessible way. Even more exciting is that we now have which is a wordpress multi user site that we envision staff and students will be getting onto for blogging. Shelly Wright @wrightsroom calls blogging the new persuasive essay. She says blogging requires a different voice that needs to be rich, sharp, and distinct to gain an audience. She adds that blogging has the potential to reach and influence many. We believe that will open up new opportunities and audiences for our students to enhance their learning. This year we also plan to launch e portfolios through the Humanities 8 classes on and we have teachers who plan to impliment Inquiry Based Learning.

Tomorrow we have our first day of summer pro d with our guest speaker, George Couros, @gcouros, Division Principal of Innovative Teaching and Learning, Parkland School Division, Alberta coming back for another full day of training with our staff on social media and blogging. This promises to be a wonderful day of learning. More about this in future posts. Also our school district and school have just launched a new website on . All this new technology. What is it all about? In the end, it is all about wanting to do a better job of communicating, sharing our message with staff, students, parents, and finding a wider audience in the community. It will also mean learning new teaching strategies. For now everything feels fresh and new. There is an excitement in the air as we launch this school year. There is so much going on at the school that it feels like we are ready for lift off. Let the 2012-13 learning journey begin!