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Inquiry Based Learning at Calgary Science School

We loved our visit to the Calgary Science School last month as part of the Connected Ed conference  and were most excited to see  inquiry based learning in action. We thought that CSS is such an innovative school and that we would love to see Fraser Heights delve more into inquiry based learning.  We are experimenting with project based learning but would like to go deeper.  At CSS,  students were deeply engaged in their learning and eager to share it.  We were also impressed with the openness of their teaching staff to share their learning as well.  We saw so many great projects in math and science  but one that really caught our attention was grade 7 Humanities students creating monuments of a figure from Canadian History.  It was also great to see how teachers are using twitter as a teaching tool in classroom assignments.   The teacher, Dan McWilliam was generous enough to share his lesson plan with us.   I am including it here:

I have attached our lessons for the Memorializing Canadian History project below. Feel free to contact myself or Jody Pereverzoff,,  if you have any questions or improvements. They are always in development and we would be excited to hear about your experience in using them or passing them around.

Dan McWilliam
Grade 7 Teacher
Humanities Learning Coach
Calgary Science School

Its never just an ordinary day at the Calgary Science School