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National Sweater Day

Today, Feb. 9th our school participated in National Sweater Day. This was our first time participating in this event which was organized by the World Wildlife Fund to help save energy, encourage students to rethink how we use energy,  and take action against climate change.  It was all a learning experience for us as our school  had never done this before.  Even though our boiler was completely shut off we had a lot of residual heat in the school and the school did not really cool off all that much.  We could probably turn the heat off again, perhaps more regularly and not notice all that much difference.  We are blessed with a fairly mild climate out here on the west coast and we found that the school was a little cooler but not cold by any means. Our student leadership in our Environment Club asked us to do this and tell us that shutting off our heat for one day is equivalent to taking 1000 vehicles off the road. Its been an interesting experiement that we hope to learn from and build on in the future.