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Fraser Heights Model United Nations Club

On Oct. 21 our school hosted a Model UN Lite Conference which was designed to introduce students to MUN.  Over 100 students from 9 schools in Surrey and West Vancouver attended. The conference was created to introduce students new to Model United Nations (MUN) and to give students an opportunity to gain experience before attending larger conferences later this year.  Most students brought along laptop computers so that they could check sites like BBC News or Al Jezeera as they needed to do quick research so that they could present the point of view of the country they were representing on committee topics and refer to  position papers or draft working papers,  or resolutions. The students were so very focused, engaged,  and enjoying the presentations and debate.  What a great learning experience for everyone involved.

Model United Nations Conferences (simulations of United Nations conferences) have become an increasingly popular high school level activity. They occur on a worldwide basis and were, until several years ago, associated with university level students. At the present time, conferences occur at the local level (both individual high schools and regional conferences), at the national level and at the international level. The High School and Regional Conferences attract students from throughout the Lower Mainland and neighbouring Provinces and States. They provide an opportunity for students to learn more about international politics and the critical, real-world issues that people must face today and that the United Nations tries to resolve. Students gain an understanding of the United Nations, the world’s largest and most critical world body and the problems that member states of the UN face in trying to resolve the same issues with which students wrestle in a MUN Conference. Students engage in and develop their skills in research, writing, public-speaking, discussion, debate, negotiation, co-operation, diplomacy and networking. They also have a lot of fun.Model United Nations activities are supported at Fraser Heights Secondary School through the Fraser Heights Model United Nations Club. More information about the Club can be found at or by speaking to any of the Club members – often found in Room 214 at lunch times.

Dedicated teacher Chris Pocock gets the students and student leaders Amar, Hwan, Robin, Eric, Matthew, Chihoon, and Shervin all organized for the event.