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Staff Learning Time

Yesterday 26 members of our teaching staff came together over lunch to do some learning together. They call their time together “Meet and Eat”. Our longer lunch hour of nearly one hour helps facilitate this learning time. IT teacher and Learning Design Team leader Jessica Pelat did a demo using the ipad and Apple TV of an I book creator project she did with her Humanities 8 class where they created a book together. She said the students loved this project and this generated a lot of interest as teachers could see lots of applications in their classes. Students save their books in Dropbox or ibooks on the ipad. She is also using an app called Civ Rev. There was also discussion of ipad ettiquitte. We realize that we need to teach our students to look after the ipads on our cart so that they can easily be used by multiple classes all day long. We have been having some problems with students changing the language on the ipad as well as putting their own apps on them. All growing pains as we learn to manage our ipad cart. Teacher Librarian, Angela Monk also demonstrated Quizlet which is a quiz and game generator that some teachers have been using with success.


It’s so great to be part of this learning community. We are all learners. Students, staff, and admin are all learning together.


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