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Graduation Transitions

Today, I participated in our Grad Transitions interviews. This meant that for the most of the day I was scheduled to interview grade 12 students who are having an exit interview as part of their Graduation Transitions credit. This credit is necessary for high school graduation in BC. It was a great opportunity for me to get to know more students and also to get feedback on their high school experiences.  Generally, I found the students to be pretty candid in letting me know what they like and don’t like about their high school. Overwhelming, the students were very very positive about their experience at Fraser Heights Secondary. Here is a sample of what they had to say:

* The school is friendly and the teachers are supportive and helpful.
* The school has made me the person I am today.
* I want to be a teacher because I have been inspired by the teachers I have here.  They are so helpful and caring.
* I enjoyed the wide range of courses offered here.
* I loved carpentry and band the most.
* I made lots of friends here and the teachers were very supportive and helpful. They were very patient with me as I tried to learn English.
* I really love this school especially the clubs.
* The school is warm and friendly and Ms. Wong, our multicultural worker really helped me a  lot.  I also have fond memories of the International student lunches.
* I like the mix of people and cultures at the school.
* I appreciate the teachers spending time to help me at flex time.  They answered all my questions.
* The students at this school do not have fights or arguments.  Students take care of each other.
*The school is perfect.  I enjoyed Woodwork the most.
Generally, the only complaint I heard repeatedly from students is that the school is crowded and that we really need additional space.
It was a great day and wonderful to see the students take this interview  seriously and present themselves in such a professional manner.  Kudos to our Career Education Dept. for making all these arrangements.  It is no small feat to get all  350 graduating students through an exit interview.

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