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University of Waterloo Math Prof Visits

On Feb. 7, Mr.  Mike Eden, Lecturer  from the University of Waterloo, in Waterloo, Ontario visited our Calculus AB and Pre Calculus Math 11 Honours classes. What a pleasure it was to watch, Mr. Eden work with our students to make the math problem solving and math contest questions seem so easy. It was also fun to watch Mr. Eden teach the students from his ipad which he used to display the math problems. Mr. Mike Eden is Associate Director of  CEMC, The Centre for Education in  Mathematics and Computing. Our school is a zone champion in the contests from the University of Waterloo.  Fraser Heights students compete in the Pascal, Cayley, and Fermat contests as well as Fryer, Galois,  Hypatia , Euclid, and Gauss.

  Mr. Eden  was an inspiration for our students as he helped them to solve problems that were very similar to problems on the April 2011 Euclid Math contest.  He explained that math is extemely cumulative and that problem solving builds on previous knowledge.  He worked with the students on algabra, geometry and  perfect square problems. He also explained that you could not use iTunes without math. Prime numbers and encryption is the whole idea behind transactions on the internet.  Mr. Eden delivered his lessons in a relaxed non threatening way that helped students to enjoy the problem solving. We appreciate the University of Waterloo outreach and the visit of Mr. Eden. What a wonderful math class.


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