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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Commonwealth Essay Contest Winner

I was very pleased to present a cheque for $500 to grade 12 student Yesha Ouyang who won the Commonwealth Essay Contest for the province of BC . Included in Yesha’s prize was a $100 cheque for the Fraser Heights Library.  Yesha will go on to compete in the Canadian Commonwealth Essay contest.  Well done Yesha.


National Sweater Day

Today, Feb. 9th our school participated in National Sweater Day. This was our first time participating in this event which was organized by the World Wildlife Fund to help save energy, encourage students to rethink how we use energy,  and take action against climate change.  It was all a learning experience for us as our school  had never done this before.  Even though our boiler was completely shut off we had a lot of residual heat in the school and the school did not really cool off all that much.  We could probably turn the heat off again, perhaps more regularly and not notice all that much difference.  We are blessed with a fairly mild climate out here on the west coast and we found that the school was a little cooler but not cold by any means. Our student leadership in our Environment Club asked us to do this and tell us that shutting off our heat for one day is equivalent to taking 1000 vehicles off the road. Its been an interesting experiement that we hope to learn from and build on in the future. 

University of Waterloo Math Prof Visits

On Feb. 7, Mr.  Mike Eden, Lecturer  from the University of Waterloo, in Waterloo, Ontario visited our Calculus AB and Pre Calculus Math 11 Honours classes. What a pleasure it was to watch, Mr. Eden work with our students to make the math problem solving and math contest questions seem so easy. It was also fun to watch Mr. Eden teach the students from his ipad which he used to display the math problems. Mr. Mike Eden is Associate Director of  CEMC, The Centre for Education in  Mathematics and Computing. Our school is a zone champion in the contests from the University of Waterloo.  Fraser Heights students compete in the Pascal, Cayley, and Fermat contests as well as Fryer, Galois,  Hypatia , Euclid, and Gauss.

  Mr. Eden  was an inspiration for our students as he helped them to solve problems that were very similar to problems on the April 2011 Euclid Math contest.  He explained that math is extemely cumulative and that problem solving builds on previous knowledge.  He worked with the students on algabra, geometry and  perfect square problems. He also explained that you could not use iTunes without math. Prime numbers and encryption is the whole idea behind transactions on the internet.  Mr. Eden delivered his lessons in a relaxed non threatening way that helped students to enjoy the problem solving. We appreciate the University of Waterloo outreach and the visit of Mr. Eden. What a wonderful math class.

The Ipads are Here!


What a pleasure it was this morning to visit Ms. J. Pelat’s Humanities 8 class who were using the ipads and Apple TV for their World Religion project. Although this was only the first time that the class had used the ipads, the students reported that they were fun and easy to use. The teacher was also enjoying having the Apple TV with the ipad cart in the classroom. The technology all worked perfectly. Students were highly engaged and enjoying their learning.  Our ipad cart with 30 ipads is available for booking into classrooms from Ms. Monk our Teacher – Librarian.   Our Computer Facilitator, Mr. P. Pahal has loaded the ipads with a huge variety of app’s for classroom use.  Many students and teachers are eager to get a chance to get the cart into their classrooms as well.




Fraser Heights Debaters

We are extremely proud of our Fraser Heights Debaters for representing us well at the Lower Mainland East Regional Debate Tournament this past weekend.  We placed second overall in the tournament and had several teams qualify for the Provincials which will be held at Mulgrave School in West Vancouver on March 2 and 3.   They are:  Juniors  – Karee C. and Vicky L.  Our seniors Hannah H. and Peishan H., Yesha O and Shervin Y – Z who came in second place and Alex K. and Pavan R who earned first place trophies.  Good luck at the Provincials.   A number of our debaters are also off to the University of Victoria to participate in their debate tournament on Feb 24 – 25.

Math Challengers Get Results

We continue to build a wonderful tradition of strong math students at our school. On Saturday Feb. 4th our Math Challengers participated in the Math Challenge competition at Simon Fraser University. We came home with excellent results. Our Grade 8 team came in first place and our Grade 9 team came in second place. We also won 6 individual medals. Congratulations to Daniel K, Bob C., Janet  Z. on our grade 8 team. Our grade 9 team also got medals and these are: Jacky T., Cindy H. and Benjamin C. A special congratulations to Bob Cui who got a third overall trophy. Many thanks to Mrs. P. Buhariwala who has devoted many hours to preparing our students. Also thank you to Mr. Knight who helped out with this competition. Our next challenge is to send a student to the Math Olympiad.