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On Dec. 12th 35 of our grade 8 students participated in Postmedia Canspell National Spelling Bee 2012.  This is a spelling contest open to students right across Canada in grade 8.  The spelling bee purpose is to help students increase their vocabulary, learn concepts, and develop correct English usage that will help them all their lives. For the past eight years, students at Fraser Heights Secondary participate in their Humanities 8 classes. The top spellers are invited to participate in the school finals. Last year, Fraser Heights student Matthew Li won the Regional Bee and moved on to tenth place overall in Canada at the National Spelling Bee in Ottawa.  This week we hosted a School Spelling Bee.  Matthew Li opened with words of encouragement  for our top 35 spellers. The students went to 8 rounds before we had a winner. Many of the words were quite difficult but what a great way to increase your vocabulary and your spelling. Thanks to teachers Ms. Val Lees and Mr. Chris Pocock and our enthusiastic grade 8 spellers. Congratulations to: Emily Chen  who won the contest and becomes Fraser Heights’ School Finalist for 2011-12.  Honourable mention goes to Daniel Koo, Kate Zang, and Angela Lu who all made it to seven rounds.  We wish Emily continued success in her efforts to qualify for the Regional Spelling Bee in the New Year.



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