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Ipad Bootcamp

On Dec. 5 a group of Fraser Heights staff visited Apple Canada headquarters in Richmond for Ipad bootcamp. Staff had a chance to learn how to maneuver the ipad including some of the new ios5 features such as the 4 finger swipe.  Since this was the first time that most of the staff had had a chance to get their hands on an ipad it was a pretty exciting time.  It was like being in a digital playground. We had a chance to look at lots of apps. Most of us felt like our heads would explode after a 4 hour session from 4 – 8 pm but it was so exciting.  We can’t wait to get our hands on the 30 ipads we have ordered for our school and start using them with students.  We saw lots of cool apps that can help students with presentations, videos, storytelling etc.  Our science teachers in the room loved:  Elements and our English teachers will love: MIB MacBeth and PuppetPals for digital storytelling.  We also got a chance to see Apple TV in action and ofcourse we want this for our school too.  We were able to see how the ipad becomes a projection device with Apple TV wirelessly.  What a great evening of learning it was.  Many thanks to Charlie Tang at Apple Canada for hosting us and especially to our workshop facilitator, Bryan Hughes an Apple Distinguished Educator. Also thanks to Elisa Carlson, Director of Instruction for helping make this event happen and to Orwell Kowalyshyn, IT Helping Teacher at Ed Services for his assistance.

Here’s something I found on twitter:


The only thing I would say is that the applications are just the medium in which the student demonstrates the level. They facilitate the cognitive action. – This is NOT a criticism, rather a statement from me and one I know that Kathy Schrock has definitely taken into account.

I know a number of people who have questioned whether tools like animoto should be included because it can be so easy, but the reality is yes you can “throw” music and images at Animoto and get a good product. But the deliberate and considered student who designs, considers, structures and evaluate will make the excellent product. Puppet Pals, which is also in the creative slot, is another excellent tool which can be used (I have seen this one work really well with my own kids) to produce creative, well considered, planned and evaluated products.

Tools like Pages and Touch Draw can be used across the taxonomic levels depending on the task and purpose. Taking notes is understanding where as authoring a book is creative, both would use the same tool. Copying a diagram  and making an infographic are at different ends of the spectrum, but still would utilize the graphic development capacity of touch draw.

Nice work and thanks for sharing

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  1. Sounds like fun! 4 hours is a little overwhelming, but in a good way! Funny thing is, I the facilitators could talk all night long about the ipad and its uses. They are so passionate and excited about learning and teaching others. They make learning fun and interesting, that’s for sure. They also make you realize how much the ipad is capable of and how much there is to learn.

    I like that visual of Blooms’s Taxonomy. Like you said, they are just tools, but they can be very powerful, indeed.

    Glad you all had a good time!


    • thanks for your quick response and for always being so supportive of our digital learning. This is such an exciting journey and I know you share the excitement at your school too everyday. I enjoy your blog as well. Thank you Tia.


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