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International Student Luncheon

We have approximately 75 International students who attend our school. These  students face unique challenges. Representing a multitude of histories and reasons for seeking education outside of their home countries, they come to Canada. This takes them away from their families, their cities, their friends and their culture. They are then immersed in an unfamiliar language in an unfamilar culture with unfamilar faces.

In recognition of the complexities involved in being an International student, Fraser Heights Secondary tries to bridge some of this gap in the form of our monthly International Lunches. Once a month, all International students are invited for a gathering of friends and fun over some yummy food, often chosen to purposefully represent different cultures around the world and warm the tummy. ELL Teachers, multi-cultural workers and administration attend as well, providing International students with an additional point of connection to their support system.

Here, you see the November lunch, an Indian lunch of Butter Chicken and Aloo Gobi prepared by our own senior Foods & Nutrition class. We were delighted to have them accept the challenge and opportunity to apply their own learning for our International students’ benefit.  Thank you to our ELL Dept Head Ms. Schraeder for making the arrangements and a special thanks to Home Ec teacher, Mr. Tong for having students prepare the food.


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