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Grade 8 Retreat

On Sept. 21st all our grade 8 students participated in our Grade 8 Retreat which was held here at Fraser Heights.  The day was organized by our HACE 8 teaching staff and Mr. Maion our PE  Leadership teacher.  Fortunately the good weather held.  It was warm but overcast which was great for our students as they were outside for most of the day.  Our Leadership students worked with the grade 8’s in small groups.  They did icebreakers to help the students get to know each other and by lunch time each group presented a team cheer.  It was fun to watch the team cheers as each group had such enthusiasm and energy.  A pizza lunch was provided and  after lunch it was back outside for more team building exercises.  At the end of the day each grade 8 student was given a Fraser Heights Firehawks t shirt to help each of them instantly belong to our school.  It was a great day of lots of fun and getting to know you.  The students were heartily welcomed to our school.  The grade 8 students have told me that the day was really fun and that they particularly enjoyed meeting new people.  They said that doing the cheer was the most fun.  Brandon H. said that the Leadership students were very kind, friendly, fun, and funny.  Others said the best part of the day was everything!  They also added that they are finding the school to be more friendly and welcoming than they expected.


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