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Engaging the Digital Learner

Earlier this week, I learned that our school is confirmed to be getting a wireless upgrade. We appreciate the support of our school district to make Fraser Heights an open wireless campus by the end of October. This will mean that students will be able to bring their own devices including laptops, cell phones, etc and get onto our wireless internet. It will take us a little time but in the end this could change some of our teaching practices. Many students will have computers, notebooks or cellphones already and will be bringing them to school but many students will not have this equipment and we will still need to continue to provide them access so that everyone will have a chance to learn with these tools. Some teachers will be eager to try the BYOD (bring your own device) classroom and some will be more hesitant to venture into this. This week teachers, Ms. Sampson and Ms. Pelat had their Humanities students doing a scavenger hunt using QR scans. At least one student in each group had a cellphone that could read the scans. This was a fun activity that had the students using a new technology to lead them on in finding questions and then as a group coming up with answers. The technology isn’t part of the lesson but it does make the content engaging for the students.

Also this week, I attended a workshop series called “Engaging the Digital Learner”. This was the first in a series that featured Chris Kennedy, Superintendent of West Vancouver School District. It was great to learn about the West Vancouver schools where the principals are all encouraged to keep blogs. The school district is also making use of twitter and is encouraging teachers and administrators to use it. We know that twitter is a way of making yourself vulnerable and showing your authentic self, the teacher you are. The West Vancouver School District is teaching students to use social media and to use it responsibly. They are finding that good writing still matters. Teachers, students, and administrators who use blogs are writing more than ever. They have developed a scope and sequence for digital literacy that is leading the way. We will continue to attend more sessions and to make a committment to our learning buddies to push ourselves to continue to learn and grow and try new ways of doing things. Chris Kennedy got a thank you t shirt that said: Teachers are the Best Apps!

Check out our school website: We now have a twitter feed on our home page that features Fraser Heights Athletics.


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  1. Our QR scavenger hunt was a BLAST! The students were really engaged and LOVED brainstorming answers to each question they ‘found’ along the way. I will definitely be doing this in my other classes:)

  2. Such a cool way to engage students and have them work in teams. Great idea!

  3. Mikael S.V. Jensen

    Thanks for keeping us updated. As a student, I am curious as to whether wireless coverage will extend to include the portables? All my classes are there, and many of my friends are in the same situation.


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