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Fraser Heights has Spirit!

I was so impressed with the school spirit as expressed during our Welcome Back Week from Sept. 19 – 23.  Each day our Student Council organized special theme days and events which helped to build amazing enthusiasm in our school.  Monday was Multicultural Monday, Texas Tuesday, Workout Wednesday, Twin Thursday, and Flip Friday.  Students had a great time dressing up for each theme day.  I think Texas Tuesday was our most popular day which feature so many students doing square dancing in the garage at lunch.   This was a great introduction to high school for our grade 8’s.  There was lots and lots of involvement.  What great school spirit.

Our Grade 12’s made sure to lead the way and thoroughly enjoyed the day.


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  1. Our Grade 12’s did an awesome job for Texas Tuesday. Strong participation!

  2. Michael Morissette

    Looks great, Ms. Morissette! Maybe I should try this.


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