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I am delighted to be beginning another school year at my new school, Fraser Heights Secondary.  I have just arrived after spending seven years as principal at Sullivan Heights Secondary.  In 2003-04 I spent one year at Fraser Heights and that one year never seemed long enough.  I had always hoped that one day I could return as so am delighted to be doing just that.  I hope that this new blog will document my observations as I get to know Fraser Heights Secondary as principal.  I know that the school has an excellent staff and excellent students who are very hard working and high achieving.  The parent community seems to be very supportive.  It is a great place to work and to learn.

This past year I was introduced to twitter and now love it for all the professional learning it provides.  I also began using an ipad this past year and love it too.  Now I cannot imagine being without the ipad, twitter, or my new PLN.   I hope that this blog is just one more step in challenging myself to try new things.  A professional learning community needs to have everyone, the students, staff, parents, and admin all learning together.  I am excited to begin this journey at Fraser Heights.

Later this week, our staff will begin two days of summer pro d.  One day will include team building and paddling long boats.  I am especially looking forward to the day and getting to know staff.  The second day will include workshops, discussions, and a session on twitter.  I hope that some of the staff will grow to enjoy twitter as much as I do.  I think we will be off to a great start as we paddle together and face all the challenges and opportunities ahead.


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