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I would like to begin a blog so that I can document my new learning and highlight all of the great things going on at my new school Fraser Heights Secondary. Why blog at all?  I have been an administrator for 15 years.  Why would I want to make myself so vulnerable and so exposed ?   This is so much about new learning.  These past six months or so I have learned twitter and found my way around a new ipad.  This blog just represents one more step in my new learning.  I have found that by pushing myself to do new things has helped me to challenge myself and keep things fresh. I expect it will also have an impact on how my community develops.  It could broaden my reach in terms of who might want to read or follow.  I hope that staff, students, and parents may want to have a browse.   This is a way of letting them in and being true partners in the whole job of learning.  This will be a little project to see if this makes a difference to help us build community together in a more inclusive and transparent way.


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wife, mom of 3 sons, high school principal, love camping, travelling, and public education

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  1. Nice pictures and your right it was a very good way to start the school year.


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